Mandala Crafts Magnetic Simulated Hematite Beaded Necklace, Wrap Bracelet, Anklet

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This beautiful hematite beads wrap bracelet, necklace, or anklet is made from lab simulated magnetic hematite beads. It is very easy to wear. It can be used as a necklace, wrap around bracelet, or anklet. It can wrap around your wrist up to 5 times if it is used as a hematite wrap bracelet wristband. It can also be a very cool and unique anklet or ankle bracelet for teens or women. Hematite is used as a gemstone for magnetic therapy products in certain culture. However, this beaded hematite jewelry is not made for cure any disease or ease any pain. We have a broad selection of colors, which include pink, turquoise, brown, gold, and black.

  • Hemaite Beaded Magnetic Bracelet Made from Magnetic Simulated Hematite Beads and Accent Beads;
  • Strong Magnetic Hematite Beads; Can be used as a necklace, wrap around bracelet, or anklet
  • Thickness: 5 mm: Length: 37 Inches;
  • Can Wrap Around Your Wrist up to 5 Times;
  • Hematite Wrapped Bracelet Wristband;