Mandala Crafts Necklace Layering Clasp - Necklace Separator for Layering - Layered Necklace Clasp Detangler Slide Lock Necklace Spacer Kit

$ 20.99

Product Description

Are you tired of your necklaces tangling? Are you looking for a connector for necklace that allows you to wear several necklace strands at once? This necklet layering clasp magnetic connector kit is the solution. No more fastening necklace strands individually and no more worrying about clasps constantly falling to the front or needing to be adjusted! With a quick yet firm slide lock design, the multistrand necklace clasp is easy to pull apart or put together while ensuring necklaces do not fall off or tangle. With common neutral tones, this inconspicuous layered necklace spacer pairs well with jewelry made from sterling silver, stainless steel, gold, rose gold, or brass metal.

For jewelry makers or DIY hobbyists, this bracelet and necklace stacker kit is a must have for multi-layer jewelry made from beads, chains, or pearls. The handy necklace slides allow effortlessly layering up to 4 necklace or bracelet strands at once. The installation of thelayered necklace spacer claspis as simple as attaching each strand of necklaces or bracelets to the loops on each slide lock clasp. Thenecklace spacer layering claspgives the right amount of space between each layer and keeps jewelry pieces untangled and helps them stay put throughout the day. With a sliding-barrel design, this layering clasp for necklace saves time when you put it on and also enhances the overall presentation of your jewelry.

Suits a variety of styles!

Premium Quality Layer Clasps
  • Made of Zinc-Based Alloy
  • Well-suited for Women, Men & Teens
  • Includes Jump Rings & Easy to Open Spring Ring Clasps

  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Strong Sidelock Design
  • Five Colors in Three Sizes

Sturdy, Stylish & Versatile

Great for DIY Crafts & Handmade Jewelry!

  • Suited for bead, pearl, cord & wire jewelry
  • Can hold two, three, or four necklaces or bracelets at a time
  • Layer necklaces, multi-strand chokers & bracelets
  • Works well as a finding for handmade craft jewelry, as well as purchased jewelry

  • Sharp & Professional Look
  • Tarnish & Fade Resistant
  • Adjust Necklace Lengths & Prevent Tangles

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Instructions for Use

Step 1

Set out your chosen jewelry & a layer clasp. Pull the layer clasp apart & set the two pieces on either side of the jewelry

Step 2

Install the spring clasps & jump rings to one side of the layer clasp.

Step 3

Clip your jewelry on to the clasp in your preferred arrangement.

Step 4

Slide the layer clasp tubes back together as shown. All done!

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Stainless Steel Jewelry Extender Slide Tube Clasp Finding Kit Stainless Steel Lobster Clasps
Colors Silver & Gold Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rose Gold, Gunmetal & Antique Brass Stainless Steel
Number of Pieces 8 pcs 1080 pcs 100 pcs
  • Layering necklace clasp made from zinc-based alloy; Lightweight and fade-resistant; Multiple necklace clasp with strong sidelock design; Easy to attach and secure lock; Lead-free and tarnish-resistant; Stylish and comfortable wear
  • Necklet layering clasp for stacking necklaces; Multi necklace clasp for adjusting necklace lengths and preventing tangles; Necklace clasps for layered look; Easy to open and install necklace detangler clasp
  • Necklace stacker clasp for jewelry making such as multilayer necklaces, multi-strand chokers, and bracelets; Layer necklace clasp for beads, pearls, cords, wires, and jewelry strings; Necklace connectors for DIY crafts or handmade jewelry
  • Necklace detangler pull apart and slide back together; Necklace separator slide lock clasp to hold two, three, or four necklaces or bracelets at a time
  • Necklace separator spacer kit in 5 colors: silver, gold, gunmetal grey, antique brass, and rose gold; 2 strand, 3 strand clasps: 2 PCs for each color; 4 strand clasps: 1 PCs for each color; Spring ring necklace clasps: 14 PCs for each color; 5mm jump rings: 100 PCs for each color: Total: 595 PCs