Indian Native American Style Dyed Howlite Unique Brass Bell Beaded Bracelet (S2)

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This unique and cool bracelet is made from brass and dyed howlite beads. The style is inspired by Native American and Tibetan style bracelets. The look of the bracelet has exotic belly dance feel. The bells at the end of the bracelet are used as closures. It is a great fashion jewelry bracelet for teen, girls, and women.

  • Cool Beaded Bracelet Made from Dyed Howlite and Brass Beads;
  • Handmade Fashion Bracelet for Girls, Teens, and Women;
  • Exotic, Native American, Indian, or Tibetan Style Bracelet;
  • Unique Bell Closures;
  • Height: .5 Inch; Length: 7 and 7.5 Inches;