Handmade Tibetan Simulated Agate Dzi Bead Protection Amulets Pendants

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This newly created dzi bead is made from simulated agate. They are very well made and they are commonly used in Tibetan jewelry making as ornaments or protective amulets. Dzi beads were found around 1000 BC. Dzi were considered to counteract the evil eye. The Tibetans use dzi bead to make amulets to protect themselves from evil spirit. The stone is embellished the beads with lines and shaped into a pendant. Ancient dzi are too expensive. The new dzi beads were created in modern time.

  • Tibetan simulated Dzi beads made from simulated agate stone; Can be used as pendants, amulets, or beads to make bracelets or necklaces;
  • Handmade dzi beads; Pack of 2; Size: About 12 X 16mm;
  • Please note imperfections might exist due to the handmade nature. Imperfections might include uneven shape, surface, or color. There also might have scratches on the surface due to the production process. Color might vary from bead to bead. Color might also be slightly different from the image due to the computer monitor resolution or photography light setting.
  • Every box of the dzi beads is marked with the Mandala Crafts® brand label. Mandala Crafts® is a registered and approved brand with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, brand, and slogan are all intellectual property of Mandala Crafts®. Mandala Crafts is the only authorized distributor of this brand.
  • Unique and hard to find protection amulets, beads, or pendants;