Handmade Elastic Small 6mm Lotus Seed 108 Beads Wrap Bracelet with Charms (Yin Yang)

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This is a beautiful lotus seed prayer bead wrap bracelet. This zen Buddhist prayer beads mala necklace is made from lotus seeds. The seeds are also known as Daemonorops seeds. They are not seeds for lotus flowers. They have a very dense texture with black spots in it. It is known as the seeds with highest resin. Small dents on each seed are the character of the natural seeds. It is not an imperfection. The string is elastic. It can also be used as a prayer beads wrap bracelet. 108 prayer beads are very commonly used in Hindu, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese religion. It is also called japa or juzu beads. The materials to make them range can be quite different. Some are made from turquoise, wood, or jade. They are also used in Yoga and meditation practices. Each one is embellished with different Buddhist charms like the peace sign, lotus flower, owl, yin yang, dharma wheel, elephant, Bodhi Tree Leaf, om, Buddha, and eternity knot.

  • Made of Lotus Seeds (a.k.a.: Daemonorops Seeds or rattan seeds); Seed Origin: Tropical Areas in China, India, and Indonesia; known for its solid inside high-density wood-like resin texture with small black spots and holes natural to the seed. Outside Color: White; after being polished and dyed brown, it is known as the Star and Moon Bodhi Seed.
  • Bead Size: 6mm (Size may vary slightly due to the nature of the seeds); Please note, the beads may have a few small dents, and this is one of the characteristics of natural lotus seeds. These are not lotus Flower seeds. This type of lotus seed prayer beads in Tibetan Buddhism has many names like moon and stars, Bodhi beads, lotus root, or linden nut.
  • 108 Prayer Bead Wrap Bracelet Great for Mantra Chanting, Meditation, Yoga Practices;
  • Length: 26 Inches, Made of Elastic String, Can Wrap 4-5 Times
  • Handmade Lotus Wrap Bracelet or Worry Beads Necklace Embellished with Removable Charms;