Christian Light Bulb Crucifix Bulb Jesus on The Cross Catholic Novelty Bulb 3W 120V for Pendant String Night Light by Mandala Crafts (Standard Base 1 Bulb)

$ 11.99

Product Description

Are you looking for some truly unique décor for your church? Does your night light bulb yield too much light? This nostalgic light bulb in neon glow light bulb style could be the answer. When lit up, the Jesus Christ on cross filament yields a warm glow and creates a spiritual and peaceful ambience instantly. This crucifix bulb is not only aesthetically appealing and decorative but also functions great as a dim light bulb. With the low voltage, it will not hurt the eyes when looking directly into it. The base fits regular light sockets. For hanging pendants to string light fixtures, this cross light bulb adds a decorative element to any design style.

The solid bulb has great visual attractiveness to decorate your desk as a decorative lamp. For businesses, this unique product can be made into Christian collectibles or merchandise. It makes a wonderful religious gift and will for sure make the recipient smile.

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Premium Christian Light Bulb
  • Made from glass with Jesus Christ on the cross filament
  • Fits regular standard socket base
  • Voltage: fits 110v, 120v, and 130V
  • Lifespan: about 6000 hours
  • 3 Watt

  • Low glare and will not create eye strain
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting

Unique Jesus Light Novelty Bulb

  • Christian and Catholic church decoration
  • Novelty night lights and lamps
  • String lights and pendant lights
  • Decoration for spiritual events, altars, and baptisms
  • Home and office, weddings, and holiday decor
  • Thoughtful and unique gifts

  • Soft warm light
  • Packed individually and gift ready

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Christian Prayer Flags Cross Leather Bracelet Red String Cross Bracelet
  • Crucifix light bulb made from glass with Jesus Christ on the cross filament; Soft warm light; Fits regular standard socket base; Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Light bulb with cross inside for Christians and Catholics; Cross light bulb for churches, spiritual events, altars, baptisms, nightlights, string lights, pendant lights, lamps, home and office; Unique wedding and holiday décor
  • Voltage: fits 110v, 120v, and 130V; Incandescent glass bulb: 3 Watt; Lifespan: about 6000 hours; Base: E26 standard base; Ornamental dim light; Not for general lighting purposes
  • Jesus light up bulb packed individually and securely ; Gift-ready