Asian Tibetan Buddhist Wood Prayer Beads Yoga Wrist Mala Stretch Bracelet with a Charm

$ 39.99

$ 10.99

This unique Tibetan stretch wrist mala prayer beads bracelet is made from wood. Every bead is carved with a prayer. The unique bracelet charm can be removed. It is a great fashion jewelry piece or a set of worry beads, rosary, or wrist mala for prayer chanting, Yoga, or meditation practices.

  • Tibetan Zen Buddhist Prayer Beads Wrist Mala Made from Wood; Removable Charm Made from Alloy;
  • Bead Size: 10mm; Stretch Wrist Mala: One Size Fits Most;
  • Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum Prayer Carved on Wooden Beads;
  • Great Charm Bracelet, Prayer Beads, Wrist Mala, Worry Beads, Rosary for Yoga, Meditation, or Prayer Chanting Purpose;
  • Handmade Stretch Mala Bracelet; Unique Charm Options: Tree of Life, Om, Elephant, Owl, Lotus Flower, Yin Yang, Peace, and Buddha;