Altar Table for Meditation Yoga Room, Tibetan Furniture for Unique Home Décor; by Mudra Crafts (Small, Red)

$ 199.00

Product Description

Have you noticed that an exotic Asian furniture piece can instantly add flare to your interior design? This museum quality Tibetan altar table set with intricate paintings could be the missing piece to your decor. The whole table is completely handmade and hand painted in Nepal. Every single one is unique with crisp and delicate details. It is definitely not a mass-produced piece of furniture you would find in a regular store. Instead, each table is a masterpiece of art. No matter what kind of interior design you have, contemporary or traditional, oriental or western, Hindu or Chinese, this foldable alter table will coordinate well and add a special touch.

Tibetan furniture used in homes or temples normally has lavish motifs, which include dragons, snow lions, religious prayers, or Buddhist eight auspicious symbols. The spirituality and wisdom mix in with the marvelous craftsmanship beautifully. A wooden altar table is commonly used by Tibetans in daily prayer and puja (pronounced pooja in Indian language) practice. Designed for using along with a kneeling bench, this low altar table is perfect to be used as a shrine, altar, or Buddha display stand. It will add zen to any room and become an exquisite addition to any adobe. Nothing is more suitable than this boho altar table for a yoga, meditation, or spiritual room. For your worship rituals, this table is the perfect floor altar to add to your sacred contemplative space.

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Exotic Tibetan Furniture
  • Handmade from solid natural wood
  • 100% hand painted
  • Fully assembled and no assembly needed

  • Exotic and exquisite
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Foldable for compact storage

Unique Wooden Altar Table

  • Yoga and meditation room decor
  • Home decorative side table
  • Floor altar or shrine
  • Puja table
  • Buddha display stand

  • No two are the same
  • Antique finishing
  • Portable and convenient to store
  • Coordinates with other decor

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Set Up Instructions

Step 1

  • Take the table out of the packing material
  • The table was wrapped in paper from Nepal when packaged. If there is any paper sticking to the surface, wet a towel and wipe it. DO NOT scrub the table;
  • Lay the table upside down on a soft area;

Step 2

  • Open the front panel;

Step 3

  • Adjust the front panel location and pull up the two side panels;
  • Do not use force when pulling up the two side panels. It they do not come up seamlessly, that means the front panel is not in the right location and must be pulled out more before you will be able to open the side panels;

Step 4

  • For the small altar table, hook the front panel and two side panels using the interior hooks;
  • For the large altar table, adjust the front panel location until the two wooden prongs on it land and insert into the holes on the two side panels;
  • Flip the table and set it up.

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  • Altar table made from solid natural wood; 100% handmade and hand painted in Nepal; Exotic and exquisite; Foldable for compact storage; Durable and sturdy; Bohemian, Zen, and exotic; Fully assembled and no assembly needed;
  • Unique yoga and meditation room décor, floor altar, shrine, Puja table, side table, or Buddha display stand;
  • Not two are the same; The decorative patterns and figures on the table may vary slightly; Antique finish; Imperfections might exist due to the handmade nature; NOT designed for sitting;
  • Size: 18(L) X 10 (D) X 8 (H) Inches; Size after folding: 18(L) X 10 (D) X 2.5(H) inchs; Weight: about 4.65 Pounds; Portable and convenient to store; Free copyrighted mandala lotus keychain;